Mondays. AMIRIGHT? What’s the deal? They are the worst.


And here’s the first strip made just for this website. Huzzah. No more recycling old material, at least until the next time. I went back and forth about using stick figures for this one. I want to force myself to do more than stick figures all the time.

I jotted the idea for this strip down back in January. I HOPE IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

I originally had another strip started, but I opted to start/finish this one before Penguicon instead, since it was shorter. I didn’t want to head out to the con, come home Sunday night and realize ‘AW DANG, I didn’t finish a comic for tomorrow!’

Sunday night update: Penguicon was great, and I had a blast. I went to pretty much every panel on webcomics, and I learned a ton. Better still, people even attended my panels/programs, which is always nice.

Also, after three days of a convention, I fell like the guy with the axe in his head in panel two.

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