Oh boy, No Filter Fox, you should know better than to read books from Observant Raptor‘s ‘Occult’ shelf.

Sal-Mon Doom, the creature exiting the portal in the last panel is a gag I came up with a year ago–but the rest of this comic came to me last week. Sal-Mon Doom started simply as a doodle of a monster demon fish saying “DOOOOM,’ but I couldn’t find a way to use him–until now.

The Salmonomicon is, of course, a reference to the Necronomicon mentioned in the works of H. P. Lovecraft and the Evil Dead¬†films. Plus, it is just fun to say. English Majors might recoginze the second set of options for dialogue, as they all come from Shakespearean works. You may not think Sal-Mon Doom’s option of “Women be shoppin!” comes from Shakespeare, but it does. It is from a little known play, Much Ado About the Nineties.

The third set of dialogue comes from an equally storied source: this list of catchphrases on Wikipedia.

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