Ah, cats. Those lovable jerks. We adopted a second cat, Rags, a couple weeks ago and he seems to be getting along with Nigel really well. Sure, there was some batting and hissing when both cats were first introduced to each other, but everything is cool now. The boys, as we call them, will roughhouse and play, but there isn’t any growling or hissing. Stephanie and I were worried the cats would not get along at first, but our worrying was all for not. Now, Rags and Nigel will lay next to each other on the bed, couch, or floor. Too cute.

The cats have been so well-behaved, I may get them a Christmas present (Catmas? Not to be confused with Katniss).

Rags might enjoy this game more than Nigel, as he seems to show more hunting behavior. Rags if fond of carrying around his bird toy (with feathers) and throwing it all around (which is how cats kill prey, according to Stephanie). Although, Nigel is pretty quick with his paws–as Rags learned. The hard way.

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