Any time I can reference hockey and a movie, is a good time. At least to me. The movie here is, of course, A Clockwork Orange. This isn’t the first time a Stanley Kubrick reference appeared in one of my comics, see “Portion Control.”

This comic exaggerates a bit, because Steph has seen me since the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs began: I haven’t really moved from in front of the TV. Sure, I cheer for the Detroit Red Wings, but I’m a fan of the sport as a whole, so I watch as many games as I can (that Bruins/Leafs game 7 in the first round was insane). If you are a fan of NHL hockey games, these are the best games to watch right now.

Speaking of the NHL and comics, this comic calls back to my comic about the latest NHL lockout. It is neat to compare to two, and see how my drawing style has changed since September.

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