Whoa, Part One? Yes, here’s my first stab at a bit of continuity here on Clattertron, starring No Filter Fox. Parts one, two, and three make up the four page minicomic I created for my exhibition at the Local Author Fair.

The Proxy drew inspiration from my attending the signing, and I’m glad I pushed myself to try a multi-part story. The minicomic was a lot of work, but a great experience. The lucky few folks who picked up one my minicomics at the signing already have the complete story, so there’s my incentive to do more mini’s in the future: exclusives for folks in person.

I might do an epilogue strip just for here, so there could be a part four. I already have a gag in mind.

That’s my novel, The Magic of Eyri, in the last panel. Including the cover was a last-minute idea, but I’m glad it worked out OK.

There’s another surprise in last panel. The guy with the “I [Heart] Comics” bag is Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics (that’s the logo on the shirt). I had an email from Ryan while drawing that panel and decided, “Why not?” and threw him in there. The funny part is, he did come to the signing (he traded me copy of Drop Target featuring his ‘dream’ pinball machine for one of my minicomics).

I’m mostly happy with how this page turned out–and is that perspective in the first panel? Zounds. Steph found her ‘Barbie‘ arms in panels one and two hilarious (PRACTICE).

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