We all see them around: those weird sticker families on the back of cars. I thought, “what really need is some even weirder car sticker families.” And I came up with some which will probably get Protective Services called on you.

Coloring today’s comic was easier than last week’s because I planned to color it from the start. Coloring last week’s comic was an afterthought. Color, and larger comics in today’s case, means a larger file size. I’m still figuring out the way export settings for my comics. In the ‘old days’ I just exported my comics out of Photoshop–which features a great preview of what the exported image will look like and various tweaks and settings.

Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Paint) features export previews, but it doesn’t have as many options and settings (that I have seen so far) as Photoshop. I’m still learning. I want a lower file size for faster page speeds, but I also don’t want a grainy, super-compressed comic either.

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