This is not the first time I have shared my distraught over parting with my bachelor pad couch.

As you can see, I am still pretty torn up about it. Stephanie and I moved in together, and there have been casualties (on both sides), my beat-up, Nixon Administration-era striped couch being just one of many.


Yes, The Move is over.

Stephanie and I now share a modest two bedroom apartment, with only our love and her 47″ HDTV to keep us happy. I plan to write about the move in further detail, and draw more comics, in the future, as this whole experience has been rather inspirational in terms of humorous material.

As would be expected, because, as I have been saying for the past week: “Moving sucks.” On top of all of the moving stress and nonsense, I caught a cold. Best week ever!

I also need to do more comics featuring Stephanie, specifically some where she is not yelling at me. This seems to developing into a trend.

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