There are a few things we take very seriously on Mom’s side of the family. Grandma’s cannoli are at the top of the list. It’s a Sicilian thing. Today’s comic drew inspiration from a story Grandma shared with me on Christmas Eve. She did, in fact, buy the wrong kind of half-and-half¹ for her cannoli cream (our family makes the custard style²) and called her older sister in a panic. Picture in your mind, two Sicilian grandmothers driving to the grocery store in a hurry to buy the right kind of half-and-half to make cannoli in time for Christmas Eve.

Good thing they did though, because if there weren’t any cannoli on Christmas Eve, ooh man, it woulda been ugly with a capital UG.

¹ Fat free. Custard needs fat, yo.
² The other style is with ricotta cheese.

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