Now, I ain’t namin’ names, but this is a direct quote from someone I’m married to now. It didn’t pertain to a specific neighborhood, town, city, or shanty cluster, just ‘blight’ in general. To elaborate, the idea was, an empty plot of land was better looking than a boarded up, run down, scary looking house or building. I certainly don’t advocate burning down abandoned buildings in your free time, at least not without a license. No Filter Fox seems to agree with this concept, but he isn’t the most level-headed.

I drew and inked this comic at the nearby Chain Coffee and Bakery Restaurant (yes, I know, I am history’s greatest monster¬†for spending time and money at a Chain Restaurant), using my Fellowes Laptop GoRiser as a drawing table (here’s a blog post about this process). Just as I started drawing, I realized I never drew in my text lines (using a t-square and my lettering guide). Oops. I improvised, but that’s why the text is a little off in this comic.

But then, all my comics are a bit off in one way or another.

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