Speaking from my experience, the second most touchy thing when it comes to wedding planning–after the guest list–is the matter of wedding gifts. Some folks are against registries, others say a wedding gift registry is a Must Do, or else you end up with a Mooning Gnome salt and pepper shaker instead of a smart toaster.

gnome salt shaker

Gnome thank you. Image via Amazon.

Then there is the awkward moment when someone doesn’t give you a wedding gift. Do you say something? Do you still send a thank you card just for showing up to your wedding? All I know is, you apparently have up to a year to send or give wedding gifts. So I hear, at least. I mean, late wedding gifts are better than no wedding gifts, right?

Big News! I set up a Storenvy shop last week and you can now buy my watercolor sketch cards! These are originals, not prints, and are the same handmade cards I sell at shows. I am adding more items soon, so keep checking back.

In non-wedding related news, this is the first comic I drew with my new SumoGrip 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

sumogrip pencil

Grip it. Image via Amazon.

Up until now, I drew with a Prismacolor Col-Erase Indigo Blue pencil. In last week’s newsletter, I said how a recent habit of sketching with a mechanical pencil convinced me to switch.

I dig the change. The mechanical pencil forces me to slow down a bit, which is always a good thing. The SumoGrip is a good fit for my big hands too, and really comfortable for drawing.

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